Member of the Union of Cinematographers of Armenia since 2004
Member of Armenian Union of Architects since 2000
1991 - Earned a Master’s Degree in Architecture & Design from the Yerevan State Architecture University  
Film Features
“The Wall” (2019)  
Director: Aleksandr Atanesyan (USA)
Stage Design & TV Production
Armenia Fund Telethon (2018)
Glendale, CA (USA)
Barnsdall Theater (2015)
Hollywood, CA (USA)
Beyond the Stars Theater (2014)
Los Angeles, CA (USA)
Armenian National TV (Channel 1) (2013) Yerevan, Armenia  
Las Vegas Convention Center Fashion Expo (2012) Las Vegas, NV (USA)
Celebration of 20th Anniversary of the Republic of Armenia (2011) Beverly Hills, CA (USA)
Los Angeles Times: Festival of Books (2011)
Los Angeles, CA (USA


Armenian National Jazz Band Concerts (2010)
Pasadena, CA (USA)
Meridian TV Production (2009-2010)
Burbank, CA (USA)
US Armenia TV News (2009-2010)  
Burbank, CA (USA)
Armenian Music & Video Awards (2009) Los Angeles, CA (USA)
Armenian National Committee of American Telethon (2006-2009) Glendale, CA (USA)
Armenian Bone Marrow Foundation (2008) Los Angeles, CA (USA)
Prometus TV (1998-2004)
Yerevan, Armenia
Paradise Tele (1997-1998)
Yerevan, Armenia

Interior Design
TKF Restaurant (2015) Glendale, CA (USA)
Kaffe Rouge Hookah Lounge (2015) Studio City, CA (USA)
Notte Luna Restaurant (2009-2010) Glendale, CA (USA)
Antourage Boutique (2009-2010) Burbank, CA (USA)
ARCA Jewelry (2009-2010) Burbank, CA (USA)
MDM Rehearsal Studio (2009-2010) Los Angele, CA (USA)
Jazzve Cafe (2009-2010) Studio City, CA (USA)